Top Girls Birthday Party Themes for 2020!

Safari jungle party theme

So we haven’t had a great start to 2020 due to Covid but this doesn’t stop our Children from having their own parties at home & Sibling sleepovers have never been so popular! Here is our own guide to the most popular kids party ideas!

Llama Party

This is with no doubt a popular Party theme for girls -especially the older girls. Its a great theme to work with to add some colour and fiesta to a birthday party. Lots of pastel colours and fluffy Llama cushions. There are so many great decorations online and ideas on Pinterest of Llama party themes.

Dreamcatcher Party Theme

The Dreamcatcher Party Theme is another popular party theme, and you can accessorise with so many beautiful item’s such as flower garlands, dreamcatcher cupcakes and feathered party bags. In the summer months our dreamcatcher garden tea party is very popular with with frilly feathered tents, fluffy seating cushions , vintage tea sets and gold décor to finish it !

Safari Jungle – ‘Into the Wild ‘

Both girls and boys love this theme, with the cuddly animal teddys and luscious leaf greenery décor. We can also incorporate a more girly theme or a boyish theme to this type of party by adding different leaved cushions, tiger prints, coloured balloons and animal décor!

Check out our board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Unicorn Party Theme

The Unicorn party theme is surely among the most cheerful of them all and is very popular with the younger children. This party theme leaves so much room for many sorts of creativity and bright colour to the party! You can get so much magical inspiration from Pinterest with unicorn party ideas for desserts, snacks (even unicorn poop!) & decor.


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My Kids Teepee Party Covid -19 HIRE POLICY

Teepee Party setup

In accordance with UK Government Guidance May 2020 My Kids Teepee Party agrees that in line with Government guidance business activities should only take place where we can establish social distancing, safe systems of work, and suitable protection measures for customers/staff and good disinfecting procedures for equipment. 

All Payments must be made electronically in order to comply with the non-contact guidance that is currently advised.

Teepee hire is only to be used in one room within the household and should not be moved between rooms after installation.

Use of the hire equipment must be for the householder and those living within the household only. Customers must not allow, under any circumstances, persons who are not from their own household to use the equipment. Where customers are found in breach of this, My Kids Teepee Party reserve the right to immediately arrange collection of the equipment.

We are currently unable to hire for social gatherings and for use outside of immediate family.

Cross-contamination between households will be eliminated by introducing a rest period of 3 days/72 hours between hire and additional cleaning before and after use.

Adequate PPE, namely gloves and a mask, will be worn on delivery and collection by staff from My Kids Teepee Party.

Equipment will be thoroughly cleaned /disinfected before it can be rehired. (additional notes on cleaning are available in Method statement and our risk assessment)

Soft furnishings that cannot be washed at 60 degrees will not be included in the packages. Duvet covers, sheets, mattress protectors and pillowcases for sleepovers for the hirer to use,  will be washed and placed in a fastened bag 72hrs prior to delivery. Customers must supply their own duvets/doonas and pillows.

All duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases and mattress protectors must be stripped by the customer and placed in a fastened bin bag ready for collection.

The client must notify My Kids Teepee Party in advance of delivery if there are any members of the household who have tested positive for Covid 19 or are presenting with symptoms in the run up to hire or during hire. My Kids Teepee Party will also notify the hirer if at any point any members of our household become unwell with any symptoms of covid 19 and reserve the right to cancel the hire if this situation arises.  This policy is in addition to the standard risk assessment and terms of hire which must be agreed to prior to hire.

What do we know so far about Corona Virus?

Experts are still learning about COVID-19. Far fewer cases have been reported in children. Usually, the virus seems to cause a milder infection in children than in adults or older people.

Common symptoms include dry cough, fever or a runny nose. In other words, most kids don’t end up getting seriously ill and usually have similar symptoms to the common cold.

DATED 21/10/2020 – In Dorset we are currently in the Medium Risk Level

Current Government rules apply:- When seeing friends and family you do not live with (or who are not part of your support bubble), you must not meet in a group of more than 6, indoors or outdoors. In England, this limit of 6 includes children of any age.

So if you have a family of 4 in your household then 2 friends for a sleepover is acceptable if the children have no symptoms. – What you as a parent decide depends on your personal comfort level, but if none of the members of your family or the child’s friends is considered high risk, then sleepovers are considered fine.

What we are doing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus?

We are following comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting measures in-between parties. Keeping up-to-date with the latest advice from the UK government and health authorities.   All our items are left for the recommended 72 hours before further usage inbetween parties also. 

All our bedding, blankets and soft toys are washed at 60° in accordance with the recommended temperature to actively kill viruses.

Our Party Stylists will be using Antibacterial gel before they enter homes and also when they leave.

If you have any questions or concerns then please get in contact with our Team or for more information please visit the NHS website.

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